The Assembly-Line Prince/Der Fließbandprinz
A novel by Herbert Kuhner

  • I think that The Assembly-Line Prince is the picaresque novel of our times. Herbert Kuhner is not only a marvelous writer,but his novel strikes me as being eminently commercial.
    – Alan Levy, The Prague Post
  • The unmistakable-talented Herbert Kuhner (Harry) meets his namesake, the jack of all trades, — Herb Andress.
  • “The Assembly-Line Prince is a highly-intelligently-written slapstick story about a scoundrel and con man. It is an erotic novel that promises to be a commercial success. The author has proven himself to be a brilliant stylist.
    – Ursula Pommer, Munich
  • “The Assembly Line Prince is one of the most underestimated plays of the 20th Century.
    It should be on the repertory of every state theater in Europe as an example of what a stimulating socio-political work can be. I think it has enormous potential for stage production
    and I will pursue any avenue that presents itself.”
    – Charles Marowitz, American director and playwright, founder of the legendary Open Space Theatre, London
  • Read an excerpt here

The Grey Haze/ Der blaue Dunst
by Herbert Kuhner/Illustrated by Padhi Frieberger

  • This collection consists of satires on the cancer-causing activity that pollutes the air we breathe in a primary or secondary manner. There are thousands, millions, billions of chimneys polluting the atmosphere of the world that are producing nothing but inane expressions on faces.“ After perusing this satire, the smoker who has previously turned blind eye to the prospects his habit brings, will curse the bug that bites him a bit deeper every day. And he will reach for his next butt with trembling fingers, if he reaches for it at all.
    – Johannes Diethart

The illustrations have been provided by the versatile Padhi Freiberger. Padhi does not mass produce, but everything he touches turns to art. He has an innate feeling for rhythm and composition.Padhi does not follow, he leads.
– H.K.