It’s Unanimous

In 1988, the “Golden Anniversary” of the “Anschluss,” Der Ausschluss appeared.

“The jury, which is independent of the Municipal Cultural Department,
has unanimously cast its vote against this book (Der Ausschluss/Memoirs of a 39er)
I feel that I must adhere to that decision.”
(Jury members: Reinhard Urbach, Otto Breicha, Friederike Mayröcker, Julian Schutting )
– Dr. Ursula Pasterk, the Municipal Cultural Coordinator of the City of Vienna, Letter to Dr. Manfred Welan, scholar specializing in law

“I just want to say one thing: in no jury in which I participated,
did the jurors vote against any work as Dr. Pasterk claimed:
the jurors only voted on selecting books/projects for subsiding.
I would immediately have departed from a jury that was asked
to vote against literary works, in remembrance of book bonfires.”
– Julian Schutting, July 27, 2013

“Herbert Kuhner is insignificant as an author
and he will never read on our premises.” (4)
– Dr. Reinhard Urbach, Austrian Literary Society

Shortly before his death in December of 2003,
Museum Director Otto Breicha confirmed that pedophilia is practiced
in artistic circles. He added that these groups had international connections.
He advised a colleague who had information that divulging could have dire consequences.

Happy Golden Anniversary, Harry!

“If I were convinced about the literary quality of the book
(Der Ausschluss /Memoirs of a 39er),
I would not have asked for details concerning its contents.
I have come to the conclusion that it deals
with a very personal situation,
which is presented in erratic segments.”
– Dr. Peter Huemer, ORF (Austrian Radio) concerning an interview

Sure, it’s the packaging that makes it invalid – not the contents,
which include the interrogation, the threat of incarceration
and a panoply of “official” harassment.

From the Horse’s Mouth

“Unfortunately, the fact that that you are American
and not Austrian or East European
seems to be an insurmountable obstacle
as far as Jeannie Ebner is concerned.
My assertion that you were born in Vienna
and are a resident of Vienna
can change nothing.”
– Letter from Andreas Okopenko, Feb. 22, 1969

“The Commission’s decisions are bound to guidelines
and it rejects your request,
since according to your own information,
you are an American citizen.”
– Jeannie Ebner, Letter, July 8, 1993

“If you call him an American, he’s offended.
If you call him an Austrian, he’s offended.
American or Austrian, he’ll always be a Jew!” (5)
– Jeannie Ebner, author and editor

“Shut your mouth! You are a mediocre author.
You can all kiss my ass! (to Kuhner)
I’ve been stomped on for years,
and now I’m doing the stomping…. (6)
Kuhner thinks that he is not accepted as an author
because he is a Jew.
The truth is that he is an inferior author. (7)
– Alois Vogel, author and editor

(I was on the first board of Podium magazine.
Herr Vogel forced my departure by his insults.
Soon afterward, I was invited to read
at the Dominican Church Cultural Center.
Herr Vogel wrote the organizer that if he did not
cancel my invitation, he would block him.)

 * * * * * * * *

(4) Source: Leo Mazakarini, 1973.
(5) Source: Gunther Kraus
(6) Source: Gunther Kraus
(7) Source: Johannes Diethart